Become a Host

A number of people have expressed their wish to become involved in Southern Fire in their area!
Here's what's involved, and what you can do to make this happen. 

What the traveling team will bring with them:

  • A core staff of people, free of charge

  • The marquee, which seats 300 - 1200

  • Equipment for the tent, including chairs, and most lighting and other equipment

  • A suggested programme of events, covering the time in your particular town​

The Dunedin-based Southern Fire management team will liaise with local church leaders and pastors to arrange guest speakers, along with electives and topics to be included in the suggested programme of events.

Please note also that while it is anticipated that the marquee will be used in larger towns, there may be alternative venues in smaller towns.

What we are asking hosts to do or arrange:

  • Find and arrange a suitable site

  • Obtain consent for the site if required

  • Accommodation for the traveling team

  • Form a local, dedicated team of people to organize the following:

                    Volunteers/helpers for your area
                    Co-ordination of support between local churches for the event, including prayer
                    Make local arrangements for matters such as meals,accommodation and music

Items likely to incur a cost to hosts:

  • Consents (where required)

  • Local advertizing

  • Meals and accommodation for the Southern Fire traveling team

Sounds exciting? We'd love you to come on board and help spread the good news of Jesus with us. If you would like to become a host for Southern Fire, or offer assistance in some way, please send us a message via the form below. If you would like more information, feel free to call the number listed on the Contact Us page or send us a message below.

Personal letter from Pastor John Watson
to church leaders and pastors.

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